A Dark Past

Decades ago, humankind was on constant breakthroughs in technologies. From artificial intelligence on mere mobile devices to autonomous vehicles to even plans to blast into space again and colonise neighboting planets.

One breakthrough changed everything. We found a way to clone dinosaurs and behemoths from ancient pasts. Finally, we did not only defy deities but became them. We opened theme parks to celebrate and exhibit this milestone. For years we befriended these beings, cloning even more, beeding even newer species.

Alas, forever lurking in the far reaches of our hearts are dark thoughts. Fine line between ambitiousness and greed. We fell into the chasms of the latter.

The company that began it all, Genesys, was corrupted from within. Blacklab, its secret operative begun work on building armors and weapons for the dinosaurs. And worst of all: they devised a way to control the beasts.

Then all hell broke lose. Factions were formed. The humankind took control or befriended the beastkind—depending on which sides you’re on. Cities destroyed and rebuilt. And destroyed again. The world as we know it today.

Which side are you on? Choose. Because the future depends on it.